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Amigurumi Potion Bottle #4: Bottle Lid


This is part 4 in a 4 part series: Amigurumi Potion Bottle

  1. The Vision
  1. The Potion Bottle
  2. Bottle Lid

We could stop here but I wanted a cap for the potion bottle.

Using the white yarn, I made a circle:

√ 6 sc in magic ring
√ inc around = 12
√ [inc, sc] around = 18
√ [inc, sc, sc] around = 24
√ [inc, sc, sc, sc] around = 30
√ sc around in BLO to create an edge to the top of the lid
√ sc around for 4-10 rows, depending on your choice
√ turn work and do a row of crab stitch or just finish off. 
note: I made a decrease at the end to make a secure fit 

√ chain a lucky 13 and attach to the bottle where you changed colours.

potion bottle.JPG 41.1 KB

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