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Toys: there are “big kid toys”, such as table saws and chainsaws, and there are “little ones’ toys”, such as wooden trains and doll houses. 
TOY: an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.

My early childhood education background gives the nod to wooden toys over plastic.

Why? Wood is a natural material and, thus, is more calming and adds a textural quality to the toy. 

And, then, there is the endurance factor. Wooden toys can last generations vs modern toys which sometimes don’t even survive the day the box was opened. 

Wooden toys are often simplistic in nature, allowing for creative thinking and exploration but there are also those items made by skilled woodworkers that are complex and detailed, with moving parts and intricate details. 

Things to consider with wooden toys:

  • Smooth edges
  • Chewability for young children
  • Safety re: non-toxic finishes (and wood choice) 
  • Removable parts and choking hazard (if it can come off, a child will get it off!) 


What other factors should be considered for wooden toy building? 


Create a wooden toy, share it here at (tagged as woodentoybuild2022 along with a description) and your name goes into a draw for a drawing, gifted by Dutchy. Thank-you for that!

Looking forward to seeing what you create!
- Debbie 

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