Craftisian Labs #1: Blog Series Are Back!


This is part 1 in a 10 part series: Craftisian Labs

Welcome to the latest news from the Craftisian Labs.

Blog Series Are Back!

Craftisian Blog Series
are back in the spotlight with the awesome new selector interface and beautiful views.

Blog series are great for grouping related entries together. You may start new series to journal the progress on your next project (e.g. "My First Bench" series) or to group related tips & tricks (e.g. "Marquetry Tips for Beginners" series) etc.

To start a new series or post a new entry in the existing one you simply go to New Blog Entry page and start writing:

Auto-generated Cover Images

Craftisian Blog Series page lists all of the blog series with the recently updated ones on top. Each series shows details about the author, update date and views count, followed by the excerpts from the last few entries in the series.

Craftisian now automatically generates the cover images from all blog entries. This feature makes the display page smart and beautiful at the same time:

Blog Series Landing PageĀ 

Each blog series also gets it's own landing page which features the author, series title and craft tag... followed by detailed list of all entries that are part of it. This is the page to share with your friends and followers:

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Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

Sounds like a great feature, I still need to get back to writing blogs of some of my projects. Thank you Martin.

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