Crochet: what's next? #2: Moose Inspirations


This is part 2 in a 2 part series: Crochet: what's next?

  1. Owl Inspirations
  2. Moose Inspirations

Being a Canadian, I just have to add a moose to my amigirumi collection!

Now, to find the right pattern ...

It might be this one:

Marty the Moose, by the "left-handed crocheter".
Pretty adorable!

But then... these guys: hmmm his/hers for my two younger grandchildren and the antlers look like hearts - it's almost Valentine's ...

Or.. maybe this guy - look at that smile and I love the buttons!

Oh wait -- here we go: a Canadian Moose sporting a Canadian plaid sweater!!

"Stop looking, Debbie; there are just too many cute mooses out there!"

What's YOUR favourite Moose Pattern?
~ Debbie

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