Lola The Doll #5: Finishing Up


This is part 5 in a 5 part series: Lola The Doll

  1. Dola: The Beginning
  1. The Hair
  2. Finishing Up

Well... I almost made it through doing the hair. 
I have to admit that I got tired of doing hair and my "perfectionism" goal disappeared and my "good enough" mentality kicked in .... and I added a hat! 

With the doll finished, a hat and dress finished up the project. 

I don't have any really pattern for either pieces of clothing. I just created a large circle for the hat with some decrease rows to make a brim. As for the dress, I just crocheted around, making it fit. 

What I love about Lola is the bendable neck and arms. I like being able to pose her, giving her a new mood.

See Project here: Lola 

lola.png 1.34 MB

Well, that's it. Thanks for following along. 

For me, I'm back to crocheting animals... I think that is enough of dolls for me.
~ Debbie

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