Building a High Vise #2: Jaws and Bench Nut.


This is part 2 in a 5 part series: Building a High Vise

I decided to shape the Jaws on this while waiting for the order to arrive. THe Jaws consist of two sets, one is smoth which I will attach some leather to, and the other is groved for round objects.

Starting out with 4 blanks that are all the same size, the smooth ones were easy, lay out the holes for the screws. The second set with the groves, was a tad bit more. I used the router table with a 45* chamfer set at a 1/4" depth. Using a square and a baker board cut the cross grain first, then set the fence to cut the length with a couple of groves.

I taped these in sets, with a set being one of each. This was done for drilling the holes and countersink, labeling each as front or back and the top edge. They turned out pretty good.

This vise can be mounted in a end vise on the bench or with a bolt through a dog hole. I will probably be using a dog hole to mount this. But for the bolt, the plan called for a bench nut, where the nut for the bolt is mortised in a block. I chose to mortise a hexagon instead of having it in a circle. I did use a fostner bit to remove the bulk of the material, then chopped the rest for a good fit. Once that was done, I cut the rest of the nut out on the band saw and sanded all edges to include a round over.

Oversized block, 3" across the flat.

After shaping.

After shaping, the nut was then epoxied in place.

These turned out so good I decided to make a few more to use with the Moxon Vise and my Metal Pony Vise which is mounted to a layered up piece of plywood that I used c-clamps when needed. So 4 of them were made, 2-1/2" across the flats. These I made out of Oak.

Thanks for reading and following along, comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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Cool. Looking forward to following this build. 

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Looking good Eric, I think this is one I'll have to copy when you're done.

I am following.  Not sure what a high vice is tho


Ryan, thanks. Just another piece of useful shop furniture.

Mike, thanks. I knew someone would like to build one, reason for the reference at the beginning.

Petey, thanks. This vise will elevate the work to a more comfortable height. I am placing the mounting block on the back to set the top of the vise so I can stand there with elbows bent at 90*. I think this will be great for the smaller pieces.

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OldTool, thanks. Something else to build while I wait for another order for material. Need to stay busy and keep the mind active.

Main Street to the Mountains

Nice nuts!

I could use a good days session of making blocks like yours for holding various stuff. The leather lined would be first.
Splinter, thanks. I made one for the high vise, and thought hey, they will work at the other vises. Don't have to knock my knee on the bar clamps I was using for the Moxon.

Main Street to the Mountains