Building a High Vise #3: Drilling Holes

Received the Acme Threads for this project. I did not want to drill any holes until I had them in hand to measure for the clearance needed.

I set up the press with a fence and stop block for locating the holes needed. The back clamp has a counterbore to receive the Acme Nut, which will be sandwiched inside by adding a piece of 1/2" stock. There is also a through hole on the bottom for a second Acme Thread to keep the jaws from racking. The lower hole in the front is stopped and the rod will be epoxied in place. I'll have make another one of those bench nuts to be used as a stop nut on the lower shaft. 

Yes, clamped in place since I was using a larger fostner bit, also so it would not move to change to a small bit for the through hole. Those larger bits like to jump around sometimes, don't ask how I know this.

After the holes were drill, it was off to mortise for the Acme Nut. I decided to make the mortise as a hexagon instead of using extra epoxy to fill the voids around the nut. When I drilled it out, I did go a tad bit deeper then than the thickness of the nut. (Have to glue another board on the back after).

Once this was fitted, I epoxied the nut in place.

Ready to glue the back on to enclose the nut.

All set, now let this dry overnight.

The front jaw is ready to go for the next step, waiting for the back jaw to cure first. The jaws need a rabbet to accept the jaw pads and need to shape the top with opposing curves for a nice transsion. The back jaw will have a dodo to accept the mounting bracket, and lower part of the jaws are cut down a bit thinning the width.

Waiting for things to cure, carved my makers mark.

Thanks for reading and following along, comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Main Street to the Mountains

Great idea with the nut sammich, really cleans up the look.
Splinter, thanks. That is what the plans called for, agreed it does clean up the look.

Main Street to the Mountains

Nice work on carving your makers mark.
OldTool, thanks. It is an easy one to carve. I have thought about a branding iron, but this way I can size accordingly. The other stuff I mark I don't go that deep, so it only takes about 2 minutes. Probably less times than digging out a brand and heating it up.

Main Street to the Mountains

I was going to mention that you should have a brand for that logo, but yes, different scale involved with different projects.

Besides, as you say it is quick now with all your practice and of course it is a skill builder!
Splinter, I have a few templates that I cut out of cardboard, then when I mark the lathe projects, I draw a circle and add the straight lines. But yes, quick and easy, and getting better with the small gouges.

Main Street to the Mountains