Spinnekop #27: Bovenbonkelaar, asrad en vang


This is part 27 in a 36 part series: Spinnekop

  1. Preparations
  1. Onderbonkelaar
  2. Bovenbonkelaar, asrad en vang
  3. As
  1. Painting and some other small jobs

The next parts i'm going to make are the other two wheels and the break of the mill.

On page two there are some detailed drawings of the parts i'm going to make

I'll start with the small one. It is just two pieces of ash. I just used my CNC to make these parts

Then put them on top of each other and added a metal band
Next up the more complicated "asrad" which translates to axel wheel.
It is made up of 8 pieces of oak with a open mortise and tenon joint

I just my small mill and the band saw to make te morise

And the tenons where made on the small tablesaw
Then glueing everything togheter.
A set of beams is added to stengthen the wheel.

The wheel is made circular on the CNC en the holes for the teeth where added
The result so far

Next up the break, called the "vang" in dutch meaning catch. If you want to stop the windmill you need to catch it!
It is made of willow

Now lets make the teeth for the wheels

Cutting lots of small pieces of holm oak.

Cutting them into the rigth shape

Time for assembly

Using the CNC to add profile to the teeth
Adding a metal band on the break

Adding the wheel to the axel using wedges

All parts in there final place


It's good to see an update on this project! Very interesting.