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I made a couple of centre finders that are very simple to make and I was going to do a build log with pictures but I can’t put pictures in this text section ,can’t figure it out .
The add picture button is blank !

Thanks for taking a look and if you would like info PM me .


Great idea. If you dont mind I’d like to use your idea and make one?

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Thanks Jeff
Go right ahead and copy all you want maybe make a couple exrta for some friends it takes just a little more time while you are at it .

This another great idea Klaus!

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

well klaus, i went to pretend to add a project and i went to add pictures in the text area and the button for pictures seemed to work just fine, of coarse i dont know what happened with your situation but it worked for me, i guess it was just some sort of glitch…maybe it will work ok next time to give it a try, thanks for the center finder, it looks like a good way to do it, i would like maybe a bit more in explanation from you as to how you use them and see if it helps in making sure those who are not familiar with such a tool, it might help newcomers as to how you use such a tool, thank you again for all of your input here and your beautiful work, your a good inspiration.

-- "the grizz" [''''']

This looks like a good design klaus

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker