Mini-Me Doll #3

This has been quite the journey.
I had given up making dolls and then I found the pattern for Miss Rubi and I just had to make one.
I made one .. and, then, that was it - no more dolls.... but something said "one more", adapting the pattern a bit and making it more "me".

This second doll, with the grey hair, seemed to catch some attention and I received a couple of requests for one. What? Make one to sell? I' don't think so.

And, then, I received a private message saying how much they'd love a "mini me" for their 2.0 chapter of their life. Well, that sounds like empowerment and that caught my attention. Out came the crochet hook and #3 was in the works.

This third one, I adapted even more: giving her pants under a dress, arms with elbows, and a dress with sleeves, plus some tweaking on the pattern directions.

I also took the opportunity to explore a new hair style, since doing hair has been a huge challenge.
Lastly, was the eyes.  I added a little twinkle with some white yarn. 

Overall, I'm really, really pleased with this one and I might just have to make another one!
~ Debbie

A little video that I made for the recipient: 

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