Saw Till

For a long while I needed a method to store my handsaw collection and to have it easily accessible in the workshop. A saw till design was the best option. Locating components of the saw till can take a while depending on the handsaws you have but I found that handle ergonomics are fairly universal. It is only the saw plate that differs in length from the dovetail saw to a large panel saw. I also wanted to combine the different length saws into one saw till as my shop wall space is quickly running out.  The spacing of the handsaws (slots) is arbitrary but I found 1.25 inches to be optimal. The rabbet joinery was created using a skew rabbet plane for both long grain and across the grain. One image has the handsaws installed without the spacers to determine layout. The back is inset into the rabbeted edges of the top, bottom and sides. Dowel joinery used to reinforce the cabinet case. The handsaw support is a 1 inch dowel rod inset into the sides of the saw till. The first image has it hanging on the shop wall. I also added cherry trim to the front edges.

Norman Pirollo

You probably have to many hand planes and clamps too. 

More seriously, nice, all the way around.  Now they'll all be safe from damage, easy to find at a glance, and you just added a bit of art to the shop.

Went and peaked at the web sites you gave. VERY nice work.
Very nice!

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Thanks for the feedback!

Norman Pirollo