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A Mighty Puzzle Chest Quest

A Mighty Puzzle Chest Quest
I love creating stuff that I have no real idea how it will look when it’s done, but to allow it to come to life as each piece is added.

This puzzle is nearly 100 moves to reach the final silver treasure.  It is most challenging to feel the flow of a functional art piece and to hide clever locking systems so that it takes real effort to solve your way through the chest.  The front door is 2” thick, full of wood gears and other wood systems, getting all that to work fluidly and in one order of sequential discovery is such a huge part of what is most satisfying as a designer\builder.

I learn so much by challenging myself in different situations.  This chest requires the solving of the drawers first, followed by the front door, and a middle door, not to forget the back door as well.  Learning how to build these mechanical systems into smaller insertable sections makes the final experience so very beautiful.  

I just love being able to use the exotic woods in small enough quantities that I don’t need a second mortgage to play!
Wow, it's awesome, Kel. Welcome to Craftisian!

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

So… do you start with the one drawer and start building around it or do you start with the big picture and break it apart to where it has to begin? 


And extraordinary. 

How long did it take you? 

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Hey thanks, actually I started with the base and the four dragons that support each corner of the top box first.  Then the drawers, doors, and top box, building it in the order as it would be solved in.   Took me many months if you totalled the man hours.
That’s a blog waiting to happen ... for your next version ;) 

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

That is one fine piece of work.

-- Soli Deo gloria! ( To God alone be the Glory)

Great piece. It must test your skills and will keep your mind sharp solving all the problems of building it. 

James McIntyre

That is very cool, an intriguing working piece of art, well done.

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