The Spider and the Moth (Fly)

From the start, this box was intended to be a palette that I could experiment on.  All the detailing was done with gloss marine varnish tinted with metallic powders, and very small brushes.  Before I began this one, I had ZERO art background.  To draw or paint on a flat surface is one thing.  To detail tiny images in thick varnish on a 3-dimensional object is, in a word, HARD!

I will refrain from describing all the stages involved here, suffice to say, it took a very long time.  Every single line, every single brush mark, were so carefully placed as to be utterly nerve-wracking.   I think I did the spider 8-10 times and erased them, before I was sorta content with final one.

There are six types of flowers, grasses, weeds, spider-webs, and bugs.

Dimensions are: 12cm X 12cm X 7cm high.

Thanks for viewing!
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Wow, maybe it took multiple tries but it sure came our great.    Wonderful work with a steady hand.


Wow, Brian! Looks like you learned a lot on this one, too. Came out looking great!

May you have the day you deserve!

Again wowow! I like the white color in black/gold and also a spider hanging on the thread, which reminded me of The spider’s Thread, a popular Japanese story.
Thank you for the beautiful work!

No name noobie here

Gorgeous work! It’s hard to believe you didn’t have an art background when you created that.
Incredibly detailed work Brian!

I kinda have a built in prejudice against painters who can lay down perfectly detailed artwork with seemingly only a few minutes of effort, so glad you sweated a bit! 😀

Impressive job working at such small sizes, my fingers/hand would never be steady enough to even try. Do you use any magnification white working?
A beautiful sweet little box Brain, the details ae amazing. Well done.

Main Street to the Mountains

your paint techniques are incredible. beautiful work as usual.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Thank you for commenting:

987Ron.  Steady hand?  Nope.  Not steady, especially after coffee.

Dave P.


YRTi.  I do not know that story.  There is an old Victorian era story about The Spider and the Fly.  But my fly turned out to be a moth.

Splinter.  Yes, I use 2X glasses and 3Xglasses - and even then sometimes it is hard to see what I am doing with a tiny brush tip aimed at a jet black target.



No Bees. No Honey. Bees Lives Matter

That is just excellent work. Apparently you don’t need experience when you have natural talent (which you very obviously do).

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Wow thats beautiful! 

Jerry-Holland Mi

Thank you so much, Shipwright.  Coming from You, the only higher form of compliment I can think of is if a Japanese Master were to say - Meh....................

No Bees. No Honey. Bees Lives Matter

Thank you, Dutch!

No Bees. No Honey. Bees Lives Matter

That's really a work of art! What a masterpiece!  That's a lot of work on something so small.  For those of us who don't think metrically, that's about 4.75" square by 2.75" high.

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Thank you, LWLL, very very much.

BTW, I am greatly in favor of your signature line!

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Phenomenal. As always. 

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Wow! When you try something new you aim high!
Thank you Ryan.

No Bees. No Honey. Bees Lives Matter

Thanks, Steve.  Yep, and aiming higher.

No Bees. No Honey. Bees Lives Matter

That's beautiful! And torturous to paint. I tried to put a simple pinstripe on a car once. Failed at that!

Steven- Random Orbital Nailer