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I built this jig so I could make tenons with ease and cut both sides of the tenon in one path .
I use two inexpensive 7 1/4" blades (about $3.00 each ) and a MDF spacer that matches my arbor washers and some dado shims to set the blades to the proper distance apart for the thickness of the required tenon size .
The tenon is cut in one path through the saw blades and the outside waste is cut away using my sled with a stop block .
The tenon jig is a common straight forward design made from Baltic Birch ply and is guided on the saw fence and allows for easy adjusting and a handle well out of the way and allows for easy adjusting

The jig has to be absolutely square in all directions to the saw top to get perfect results when assembling the project .
The length of the tenon is easily set by using the previously cut dado as a height gage (see PIC )
The saw blade and spacer and shim stack is very affordable and easily stored as a set for the next project .

The clamp is brilliant too. I’m stealing that idea for my tenon jig.

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Thanks Brian
Yes I think the toggle clamp is a little safer then a quick clamp as it is screwed to the jig but can easily be relocated .

You are amazing Kiefer.
Everyone one of your project has a purpose. I like the double blade.

Now how do I shunt my brake on the sawstop to be able to use 7 1/4 blade ? (Not serious here)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Nice one! Love the double blade idea! Sorry about your finger!

That’s ingenious. This is also timely. My next project involves mortise and tenon joinery. I don’t even have a dado set yet. Looks like I’ll need to get one.

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Nice one Kiefer, I made a similar jig before too, it takes a few test cuts as you mentioned but if your making a lot of joints…

Ahh, the genius of simplicity ….. or is it the simplicity of genius?
You are one and your jigs and fixtures are the other.
I’m pretty sure everyone can figure which is which.
Another slick one my friend.

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When done right simple works and this works.

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