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Made from a single piece of red willow about 24" x3"x3/4" sliced into 1/8" veneer on a Baltic birch plywood .
This piece of willow just had to be a box because of the colour and fantastic grain features .I used only BLO and bees wax as a finish and it just brought out the natural wood colour and grain .
I can look at this box time and time again and see different things in the grain every time .

i love this box, im not sure i have seen red willow before, but i really like itit has beautiful color, you did a great job here.

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Very nice piece Klaus. The top is striking.
I like it.

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I love willow!!!
My first woodworking projects were made from willow, wood from my backyard. The grain is so beautiful.
You did the wood justice. Beautiful.

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Very clean box Kiefer.
The top is really nice.

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I like the front and back best. Very nice grain matching. You’re an inspiration for future boxes!

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Looks great kiefer very impressive box a real winner ,3rd place is cool.

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