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A little tapping mallet I just finished and will go to a friend and I hope to deliver it personally on our holiday .
The little guy is almost exactly like the one I have and I just love having it on the bench to tap stuff with a gentle touch and it sure beats using a steel hammer and wooden block.
It is made from hickory for the laminated handle and jatoba for the grip with a walnut butt end .The head is maple and a hardwood of unknown type with leather facings .
I mounted two penny’s one American and one Canadian for good luck and a symbol of friendship .

Very nice mallet you made there Kiefer. It reminds me of the Knew Concepts coping saw. Well done.

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I love your mallets Klaus, and this little sweetie is so delicate!
Not all jobs around the shop benefit from a " bigger hammer".

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

I would love to have one too…

It looks great. Neat design.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks MADTS never thought of KNEW CONCEPTS but yes it has some relations now that you mention it .
Thanks Paul
A gentle tap with some sweet words to get me their sometimes.
Thanks lanwater
I would gladly make one for you when I get back from holidays but the shipping would be prohibitive!

and I love the addition of the pennies. Nice!

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Very unique design.


I like these, a cool design and pleasing to the eye.

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