Peterbilt RatRod Truck for Marcus - Offcuts Only Challenge

Peterbilt RatRod Truck for Marcus - Offcuts Only Challenge

A maker friend on Instagram put up an "Off Cuts Only Challenge" so of course this toymaker jumped at the opportunity to make a new toy truck for the newest grandson Marcus.

The Peterbilt truck is taken for inspiration from Steve Darnell's trucks that he's built.

It's a little bigger than I envisaged adding a sleeper to the cab and the longer hood but I think it's pretty well proportioned.   

Overall the truck in 32" [815mm] long by 13" [330mm] wide on the rear mudguards/fenders with the tray 10.25" [260mm] by 18.5" [470mm] while the cab is 8" [200mm] x 6.25" [160mm] and 8" [200mm] high plus the exhaust stacks are 8.5" [220mm] high.

Thank you to Dean & Francine at Living Timbers for the offcuts they gave me for the build.

The Cab is Victorian Ash.
The Engine, Sidesteps & Exhaust Stacks are Sydney Blue Gum.
The Cab Roof is Blackwood [from Liam & Molly at Goatworks].
The Tray is Merbau as is the Radiator.
The Rear Mudguards/Fenders are TallowWood.
The Chassis Rails are Blackbutt.
The bumper Bars, Front & Rear are Queensland Silky Oak.
The Front Mudguards/Fenders are Red Gum as is the Tray surrounds/combing.
The Indication and taillights are Bloodwood.
The Seats are made from old Cedar shingles with the sleeper bed leftover from the "SuperTee Challenge".
The Front Wheels are Red Gum, but I have no idea of the timber species in the Rear Wheels, just beautiful redish/brown colour Aussie Hardwood.

Their is something like 60-70 hours in the build just making up as I went along.

A special THANK YOU to Alex "LBD" for lazer cutting the "number plates" with Marcus's birthday plus the "Detroit Engine Logo" to add some extra special detail to the toy along with the "Peterbilt" lapel pins to honour the inspiration for the build.

The whole truck has had 4 coats of my homemade "wipe-on-poly" as finish.

I did a build blog here


Life’s Good, Enjoy Each New Day’s Blessings


That is really a great truck, something Marcus will keep forever.   


Nice little ride Peter, looks like a low rider all decked out, some great details in the build, Well done.

Main Street to the Mountains

love all the details on this nice rod Peter like how low it is GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


That is a serious build Peter! Your photos show the detail very well. I like the wood bed.
Awesome! Great job, as always…

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Great job crowie...

Where do you get your offcuts?  Better still, where do you get the timber that gives you the off cuts. All our timber merchants are shutting down here in Victoria and even Bunnings are only selling "C" grade MDF.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD

G’day Alex, 
Their are a few specialty timber places within 45mins of my home; 3 are recycling repurposing old reclaimed timber. Living Timber in Penrith supported the “Off Cuts Only” challenge giving me a small quantity out of their “offcuts  bin”. I also have scored the odd bits & pieces from a couple of local builders doing Reno’s plus other makers. That’s the beauty of toymaking one only needs smaller pieces of timber. 

Life’s Good, Enjoy Each New Day’s Blessings

Great build, fantastic details.
A brilliant execution Peter.
I take it it is still a convertible for the warmer weather approaching?
Now a 44 gal drum of Golden Fleece in the back would look good

Regards Rob

Really nice detailed truck, Peter!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Great truck... Awesome job!
Very nice result, Peter! I’m a little jealous of your offcuts, as well.

May you have the day you deserve!

Great effort and results! 

Kudos to the LBD for some fine badges, I know he hoards his MDF for nefarious purposes. 😜

Proportions look good, ready to haul anything.

The variety of materials is epic! Only downer is the "blackbutt" frame rails. Not black and don't look like butts, but still very cool!
real nice model as usual crowie. 

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Your grandson is going to love this Peter. I never knew my grandfathers as they passed before I was born. I'm impressed you know the names of all the different woods you used.  The truck is so detailed, but I'm sure I've never seen a Peterbilt with the steering wheel on the right side. 😜
Alex also did a nice job making those emblems for you. Did it cost you a cask? I hear it's usually what he demands.

.................. John D....................

Thank you ladies and gents for your kind words of encouragement and support. 
The detailing of the toy make it interesting for me as I build it and add so much more character. 
We do have a good number of imported and converted Peterbilt trucks downunder, the “Rolls Royce” of truck. 
Yes, I’m very grateful for Alex’s (LBD) skills and generosity with the laser labels.
I especially like the Detroit one as that suggests it’s a 500HP engine in the truck.
Australia has some beautiful hardwood timbers. 
To Rob, some iconic Golden Fleece  44 gallon drums on the back would be awesome but for now it’s just Marcus’s keepsake toy truck from his pa! 
 Again everyone, thank you, cheers Peter 

Life’s Good, Enjoy Each New Day’s Blessings

For tough guys only


Today I showed my friend Sam the truck and we put it on his shop scales!
Oh my goodness me, 8.6kgs (19lbs). 

Life’s Good, Enjoy Each New Day’s Blessings

So nice Peter, that I consider to make a plan for it. BUT I'm sorry at the moment there is no time for it.