Table under wall hanger TV

Another table,  this one she uses under a wall hanger TV.  Made this one larger for grand babies photos.  Solid cherry with the entire top poured epoxy.  General Finishes candle light gel stain.  Only thing  unusual about it is the drawer fronts continue the curve of the legs.  Thank you for looking.


love the design how the curve of the legs flows with the drawers. well done jack.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Not cry done. Great flow! Any build pics to post? Are the legs M&T or joined another way?

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

I like that design Jack, reminds me of the strength you see in a Bulldog. Nice build.
I always see-food in things. Makes be think of some kind of crab 😃

The flow is very well done, unique and wonderful!
Many thanks guys.  I never saw the bull dog nor the crab at all until you both mentioned them but now that is all I see.  Funny.  Ryan no M&T, I used kerf mount  corner brackets and I guess because I am lazy I have no build pics but I am going to start.


Nice build. I would of liked to see some build pics also but I know how it goes. Your too busy building it to think about taking pics.