Needed a change of pace and thought that making a box or two would be nice.
A buddy showed up with some nice cuttings of white aspen and that got my mind in the right direction .
Some aspen and roasted maple scraps and I composed this little music box and my wife just fell in love with it the minute I made the little key board top.
I think it turned out nice and the two wood colours worked to perfection .
Size is 8 1/4×6x3 3/4 and finished in gloss lacquer and a wax finish to come the interior bottom, top and tray are lined in a dark tan heavy cloth .


Nice box kiefer, Very creative idea. Would be a perfect gift for any pianist.
(Now if you can just make the keys play) ;)

Beautiful. I like the inlays as much as the keys.

Losing fingers since 1969

oh man, this is a beautiful box, you sure nailed it in my opinion, no wonder your wife loved it, the right woods, the perfect design…you done good.

"the grizz" [''''']

It is a beautiful work.

Out of curiosity how long did it take to make this box?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Time to make a box is not something I keep track of but my guess would be six to ten hours not counting time for the glue to dry .
I enjoy making boxes and start out with an idea and usually spent most of my time deciding what details to include and so on .
This one has leather hinges for instance and the top took two attempts but that is part of the fun and when I see a smile on someones face I am happy !

Nothing beat the recipient smile Kiefer.


Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

This is a ingenious idea. I hope you don’t mind some flattery (as in imitation is the highest form of flattery), as I’d love to do the top myself.
This is one of the nicest, most unique ideas….


Thanks Ellen
I much appreciate your comment .
Yes this idea turned out nice and my wife claimed it before it was finished .
The woods I used worked to perfection with the design.
You go ahead and copy all you want and I am happy I was an inspiration .
There is another box with the same theme coming along and I hope it turns out as well as this one .

Very cool Klaus .this is the second project I’ve seen that you made that has a piano theme .great idea.

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