End grain cutting board - Woodworking Project by Brian
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End grain cutting board

This is my very first cutting board. It’s been on my back burner list for a long time. I followed a simple plan from the wood whisperer. It’s ekki and maple. It was pretty easy to make. Man there is a lot of sanding involved. I borrowed a belt sander for the rough sanding. I cut a 45° finger hold into the bottom at the sides with my router. The only problem is that it’s not flat and it rocks a little. I’m looking for some screw in feet to take care of that. It’s finished with mineral oil.

I made it for a client that gave me a very generous cash Christmas gift, to which this rocking cutting board probably can’t compare, but it’s made with love so that should at least partially cover for its flaws. :-)

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On a whim, I just took the belt sander to the bottom of this thing and took out about 95% if the rocking. It’s acceptable now. Any more sanding could lead to negative unintended consequences. By the way, sanding while still wet with mineral oil was actually great. No dust in the air and it kept the sander fairly cool. I sanded with 36 grit belt and I’m not going to finish sand the bottom. I’m just going to resoak it with mineral oil.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Welcome to the club. It will be your last. Great looking board.


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It will be my last? I hope not! LOL at your typo. Ha-ha that didn’t sound quite right…

Actually I want to make one for my parents too, and a couple of others for gifts that can wait until after Christmas.

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Beautiful board! I love making and even more, giving these as gifts. It’s also a great way to use up a lot of that scrap wood. Cheese boards, cutting boards, bread boards, etc…

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Nice work Brian.

-- Jack

Fine looking board , real nice pattern

-- Wheaties

It looks really nice Brian. I know what you mean about the sanding. I refinished a couple of end grain cutting boards for my son a couple of years ago and it was quite a lot of work, especially since they were saturated with fats from carving cooked meats. I expect that a drum sander is good to have for anyone making cutting boards.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway

Very nice work Brian hard to believe it’s your first.

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