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End grain cutting board #2

End grain cutting board #2

This one is a gift for my parents. It came out better than the first. I ran it through the planer to flatten it out. Believe me I thought long and hard before doing that. I took microscopic passes, stood far off to the side and fed it by pushing it in with a long stick. Neither the board not the planer broke. Each pass was about 1/64th.

I started sanding first and was hardly making any progress when I just gave in and decided to try the planer. In the end, it worked out great. Now it’s nice and flat.

I still have some sanding to do before finishing it. I really just wanted to post about my success with the planer.

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I have yet to try the planer. I use a belt sander and leave them rough. That has worked out for me. That is because I use them. Stuff stays on the board.


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Love it! Great looking pattern!

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I have never tried the planer on end grain board.

I am sure we can call it a success on two front:
Planner success: Checked
Great board : Checked

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

If you use a planer on an end grain cutting board, be aware that very, very bad things are possible. Not only the destruction of your work, but your planer, house, yourself… It’s tricky business. Take 64th passes. Use sharp knives, if possible. Never ever stand in front of the infeed or outfeed tables. Basically, avoid it altogether if you’re not as lazy as I am. I know I and others have been successful with it, but some haven’t and with great distress. Use caution.

That being said, using the planer gave me a nice, flat board that I was unable to achieve with sanding alone. A drum sander will give you the same flatness without the safety concerns. I don’t own one, unfortunately.

Losing fingers since 1969

Yup, the drum sander is my favorite tool for cutting boards.
Some times I also use it for thicknessing lumber.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Glad it worked out for you , nice looking board , like the pattern .


Using a thickness planer could be dangerous. I would recommend you make a router planer jig and use a bottom planer bit or a bowl bit. I don’t have a thickness planer but I do have a router. I plan on making cutting boards and that is how I am going to flatten them.