Steambending back scratchers

Steambending back scratchers
Steambending back scratchers

I am making some back scratchers and tried a different way of going about the steaming of the material .
I added some fabric softener to the water about 20to 1 ratio water to softener .
It worked like a charm bending the cherry around a 1 1/8 " radius .
Watch the video and see the jig and prcoess .
Let me know what you think.


Thank You Sir, You’re doing a great job.
It’s always nice to see how someone is making something.
Great job with the video as well.
Thanks for posting this.

Yes, Thanks Kiefer!
The video is very informative and demonstrate what you are doing quite well.
The first time you mentioned softener I was very apprehensive. Now I want to try it.

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I want to try that sometime. You make it look easy.

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lots of good information in that!!
and thanks for the video. That really helps.

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As everyone else stated, thank you for posting. Very informative. I’ve never tried steam bending, but definitely want to give it a go one of these days!

Thanks for the details! This takes some of the mystery out of process. This does make it easier for us inexperienced in bending to try the process. Thanks!


I’ve used fabric softener to bend sheet rock, but never thought to use it in steam bending wood. I guess you can learn something new everyday! Thanks

This is great! You’re like the mad scientist of steam bending. I have some scrap wood, spare time and if the wife doesn’t catch me, some fabric softener. I know what I’m doing this weekend ;)

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It’s an easy project and makes a good gift item that is appreciated by all age groups .
When making one of these make sure that the wood you are using has good parallel edge grain direction to the face and some experimenting with different species of wood and steaming time is required as all wood reacts different .
The strap is also very imported as pressure must be applied because wood does not like to stretch but can be compressed and this is what prevents cracking of the wood .
Have fun experimeting and learning it took me a while to get it right and still have some failures along the way .

Very creative thinking.

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