Cantilevered Pergola - Woodworking Project by Brian
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Cantilevered Pergola

Just finished assembly. Still have some housekeeping work to do. It took 3 solid days plus a few hours after work the past couple of nights. Overall it came out nice, I think. This was part of a bigger backyard project that included the paver patio. Weeks of back breaking labor all by myself. I still have some planter boxes to make and I’m going to build a new gate. Some good things learned here will go into that gate. Thanks to everyone, especially whitacrebespoke, for the advice. And thanks for looking.

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This is awesome! Love the design, that is a definite conversation piece.

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Great job Brian, nice to see the finished product. My spring project has been building a deck…similar to your patio project a lot of “fun” labour shovelling gravel and moving cement blocks.

-- Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Congrats Brian, it turned out unique and beautiful.

-- Jack

Thanks. I finally get to take a break this weekend. Fishing, relaxing and BBQ with friends on the new patio.

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Very interesting design . Looks really good .

-- Wheaties

A very cool design.

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A little bit of the wife’s touch never hurts. She found a tarp made from HDPE. It’s woven, so rain can get through, but it’s shady. It’s temporary until I can get some grapes planted and trained up to provide shade. Of course, it has to come off in the winter. This thing can support a lot of weight but a couple feet of snow will push the limit!

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