Planter boxes - Woodworking Project by Brian
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Planter boxes

Simple planter box made from recycled tongue and groove cedar fencing. All joints are rabbeted. The dang thing was almost sturdy enough to leave without any fasteners between the rabbets and t&g lumber. The rabbets are at the ends to prevent the long-ways sides from busting out. And for good measure I added some pressure treated legs which came from cutoffs of my recent pergola build (didn’t have enough cedar). Should last years, I hope. I have all the pieces cut for a second one. It should go together in about half an hour or less.

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Looks good, I like the way you did the bottom of it. :)

That’s the wife’s idea. :-)

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Nice planter.

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Looks good, I need to build 2 planters…..may use this idea

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This material is great. It’s tongue and groove cedar fence planks that I salvaged when my next door neighbor replaced his fence with vinyl. I have no idea how long that fence was up but I’m guessing well over 10 years. The slats have been sitting in my shop since then I made a few planter boxes out of it 2 years ago when I got the material. Same rabbeted construction. They’ve been full of dirt and watered daily during the summer and they look as good today as the day I made them. One was made to sit on the ground and I’ve had to move it a few times. No problem. Still very tight and no apparent rotting. Between the rabbets and the T&G material, they’re incredibly sturdy. It’s really good material for planters. I used up all the material I had, but in the future, if I have to make another planter, I’m going to mill the boards to be T&G. I’m a stickler for structural integrity and this really works out wonderfully.

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Nice job . Really looks good .

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Very fancy planter box,cool.

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Great use of materials Brian , seems to be working for
you …..good job .

Yeah it’s a shame I ran out of this stuff. I wanted to make a picture frame with it but didn’t have a large picture. I made a mitre mock-up and it looked great. In the mockup, I ripped a scrap 2x with a 25° bevel, then glued 2 pieces of the cedar at an angle to each other. It’s hard to describe. I’ll try to find a photo. The tongues of the t&g cedar were set against each other making it appear to have a pattern.

I think it looks really cool but the planters took the last of the material.

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