Kürtőskalács Spits

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My wife is Hungarian and the food is incredible and ingenious there. One of those tasty treats is kürtőskalács – chimney cake. It’s a sweet dough wrapped and cooked on a spit over a fire. You can find it at street fairs and festivals, but many people also make them at home. They get rolled in sugar before cooking and also after, and sometimes other things get rolled on like cinnamon or walnuts. They are delicious – especially when they’re fresh and warm. Yummy!

It’s a very simple project. I used a piece of firewood to make the spits and I turned the handles from scrap maple. I used 1/2" rebar for the skewer part. One of the handles split when putting it on. Who knew 1/2" rebar is bigger than 1/2"? Also, I want to remake the spits so they’re a couple of inches longer. But otherwise they work fine and the kürtőskalács came out great. Everyone agreed it was as good as it is in Hungary, even though I think I overcooked them a little bit.

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Where is the recipe? Looks good though.


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Recipe here, but it’s in Hungarian. I couldn’t find an English language one. But Google translate does a decent job. One thing to note – it’s a big batch. I cut it in half and got 4 cakes out of it.


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Yum, those look and sound delicious!

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Very very short video of street vendor making them. The machine turns them automatically. The whole schtick of the thing is how they cook it directly in front of you. They’re always set up at the front – directly in front of the customer – because it’s visually and aromatically pleasing. And even though I have to hand turn them over my Weber grill, it’s still very gratifying. :-)


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I’ve been seeing those yummy desserts for a while and wondered how they were made … now I not only have a recipe but the tools as well!!

(My husband was Hungarian. Csoroge was my only real success… although he said my cabbage rolls were the best he had ever eaten!! WIN!)

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Awesome! We make sausage too. I do believe I posted my drying rack here. :-)

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Something I didn’t mention above, but important – you should taper the spit slightly to make it easy to get the cooked cake off.

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Wow what a cool project plus the chimney funnel cakes look super yummy.

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Wow, looks delicious!!!

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Thank you Brian, hope try this weekend.