A Serving Tray with Matching Cheese Board

A Serving Tray with Matching Cheese Board
A Serving Tray with Matching Cheese Board
A Serving Tray with Matching Cheese Board

So about 2 years ago, a fellow woodworker asked me to make a reducing chevron pattern cutting board for her as she was too busy to make her own (every chevron was about 5 mm less than the one next to it and after meeting in the middle you start to increase the width). I promptly did a glue up of a variety of woods (maple, purpleheart, walnut and some mahogany) in the appropriate pattern and it sat in my shop for 2 years. I looked at it about every time I went into the shop and even moved it when I moved into my new house! Finally, I could stand it no longer… I decided to make something… anything with it. So I came up with this tray and matching cheese board. The tray is 12 × 20 and the cheese board is 8 × 10... I just used the cutoff from the tray for the board. I figure I made lemonade out of lemons in this case as I was not ever going to do that chevron board! I finished the tray in 5 coats of polyacrylic and the cheeseboard in my usual mineral oil. It is going off to our second fair of the season this coming weekend.
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Excellent work Ellen. I love how it looks with the handles you chose for the tray, perfect with the sleek tray design and the cheese board tops it off to make a sweet package..

Mike, an American living in Norway

ellen, very nice as is all your work. good use of the cutoff from the tray.

Nice design. I like the pulls for handles. Nice contrast against the stripes.

Losing fingers since 1969

Very nice modern design ,just a little different look and a nice inspiration .


I like your wood selections and the way you display them!
… beautifully elegant boards…

They look like would SELL fast!

Have Fun! ... www.woodworkstuff.net

Very nice Ellen

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