Items at the Fair

Items at the Fair
Items at the Fair
Items at the Fair
Items at the Fair

Our biggest and best Art and Music Fair (called The Cranberry Festival) took place this weekend in Harwich MA. I had posted a picture of my dipping boards (sold very well) 2 weeks ago and got requests for an update. Here are the pictures of the booth. We were limited to 10 × 10 and rain was predicted but never came! We had a ton of people come through the booth and sold out on several items. I never believe people who take a card and brochure and say they’ll be in touch but you never know… several people said they only give hand made, one of a kind gifts for the holidays and just needed to get their list together.
If you notice, between the tables in the middle, you can see a very small 3 legged stool. Since space was so limited (130 vendors + food trucks, charities, music tent), we had to think small. I bought 3 small fishing stools. If anyone wants them, you can have them! They were so uncomfortable and low to the ground that my knees were under my chin… and I’m short!!! How do people who fish use these????
So, we have 2 months to replenish (I need small tea boxes and bread board – sold out on both) and Lorna (my woodworking partner) sold out her bow boxes and cedar log boxes. Right now I’m going to catch my breath and get organized… then back to the shop.
Thanks for looking.



Congrats on a great successful show Ellen.
Looks like you have the right product in the right place.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Very good Ellen… Looks GOOD!

Glad you’re making it work for you!

No Thanks on the stools… I can picture One leg going to a bad place no matter how one sits on them… :) :D

Have Fun! ...

Glad to hear the show was a success.

I am sure the quality of the products has a lot to do with it.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


It’s always great to hear of a fellow woodworker’s successful sales! Congrats!

As for the stools, I already have a really terrific toolbox stool that works great for my tackle and for a seat! Thanks for the offer.


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congrats on having great sales,you have a super bunch of great products,ellen.

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