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Honeydo Shelf

A simple shelf to cover the drywall covered drywall shelf. The only thing that makes it slightly more than the simple board it is – a mitre that runs lengthwise to make it appear thicker than it is. It’s 2 pieces butt joined with a biscuit and a piece of 1/4" plywood in the bottom to help keep it together. The rest is shimmed here and there with the same 1/4" ply. I glued it to the drywall shelf with some construction glue. I hate looking at fasteners.

The mitre came out great. I love mitres but they don’t always love me back.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Nice improvement.


-- Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

It will be a lot easier to dust, that’s for sure.

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Good idea Brian, sometimes honeydo projects get put on the back burner but once they are done it makes the Honey happy.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Very nice Brian, glad she is happy.

-- Jack