Another bogracs spoon I made, this time as a Christmas gift to my Hungarian friend, Tibor. A bogracs is a Hungarian style of cooking outdoors over an open fire. Tibor doesn’t have a bogracs. Maybe he’ll get one now. He can still use it in the kitchen. We’re going to his and place to have Christmas dinner with him and his wife. Hopefully he will have time to use the spoon then.

I burned a “B” on the top cause his last name starts with B (don’t ask me to spell it – I can’t even pronounce it LOL).

The spoon is not very wide. I cut the blank from a piece of maple I got from work that’s 1-3/4" thick and that thickness became the width. So the ladle is a little funny looking because it’s narrow, but I was being cheap with my lumber. ;-)

The ladle is pretty deep. That was by far the most work. I started by hogging it out with a chisel, then smoothed it using a French curve shaped card scraper given to me by my good friend, Jack. Merry Christmas Jack! And Merry Christmas everyone!

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Looks like a wonderfully made spoon ,and a
great gift . Merry Christmas .

So creative Brian, sure it is something they can and will use often. A Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend.


Looking good.


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