Outfeed Table for DeWalt Contractor Saw


I ran across the plans for this project at http://www.instructables.com/id/Outfe.. The plans include full sized drawings that can be printed out. I liked it because it made my new Dewalt Tablesaw more versatile and still allowed me to store it in a relatively small space with the very easily removable a outfield table which requires no hardware for mounting. Just hook on the supports shown in photos 1 &2 below.

The Top has rails on the bottom that just sit on the hook-on rails (tight fit) without any locking mechanism as shown in the photos below The plastic back panel, which is just cosmetic, has to be removed to allow access for the hook-on supports.

I used my band saw to cut out the hook-on supports and the rest was Tablesaw work except for the miter slots which were routed out.

I found this set-up to be very stable quick and easy to assemble/disassemble and store when not in use. I did have to make some small alterations to the plans to make it fit my particular saw model, but no big deal.

Hope you find this useful. Thanks for reading!

Mike, an American living in Norway


That looks like an excellent addition to your table saw.


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I like that Mike!! might have to steal that idea for my job site saw. You’ve got yourself a tight fit in that shop..

Great job Mike. I have been putting it off for my saw but you have inspired me, thank you.


Ideal saw addition, this is one of my things I need do Great job thanks for sharing your work.

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