Introducing the Avoidance Spoon


I went out to my shop on a mission to sweep the floors, clean all the work surfaces and put any left out tools away and do a little reorganizing. I was trying to get started when I came across a piece of sycamore from my son’s cut-down tree which I had dried for several years and then put it through my planer.

It was a nice piece of wood, but not very big at 3/4" X 5". I began to wonder what I could do with it when I thought about a Youtube video I had watched the day before about spoon carving. So I put it on my bench, drew a pattern, band sawed it to rough shape and went to work with my carving tools. MUCH more fun and it helped me avoid cleaning up my shop! When I returned to the house my wife asked how the cleaning went and I showed her the spoon. Par for the course she said.

I couldn’t get much shape out of it with the flat workpiece, but it has proved a keeper as a serving spoon for a variety of dishes, so not entirely wasted time!

Mike, an American living in Norway

Nice looking spoon Mike, good use of leftover material.

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That looks like better use of your time than merely cleaning your shop!


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Nice looking spoon , and hey – you can clean anytime


Really nice design and beautifully done!


Way to go Mike. Which reminds me to clean shop/make a spoon.


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Nice work Mike,a unique design.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker