September Challenge: Post a new project for a chance to win
This is one of the two 90% finished horns being made. Last time the square segments were marked out and cut into wedges according to the pattern. Now it’s time to mark out for cutting in the scroll saw. This marking was for an earlier failed rendition
Here is a teaser so you can get an idea of the size of the horns. Keep in mind that there will be trumpet like ends attached to the horns. I will be making these ends with plywood rings similar to segmented turnings and turn them on my lathe. Once the
After figuring out that I needed about 56 square pieces of 3/4" plywood all cut to different sizes I marked them out on a baltic birch platter. I had some half of full size platters in the right dimension. Unfortunately I didn’t have room to cut the m
My son was searching for unusual speakers on the web and he found a nautilus seashell style that he liked similar to this one. Most were molded with some type of plastic. The one shown below was 3D printed except for one which was made of plywood. Her
Wanted a New workbench I’ve been using my relatively new workbench for a little over 2-1/2 years now and I really love it. I haven’t one complaint about as it does everything I ask of it. I am especially pleased about my total outlay for it which is l
Day 9 work The different parts were glued up, namely; the 3 piece main frame the 5 piece winding wheel (5 wheels glued together to form a pulley like part) various wheel spacers onto the wheel arbors 3 pinion gears onto the wheels the coopered main we
Day 8 Work The parts for the main weight were cut and some some small parts were finished. A couple of grub screws had to be custom made because I couldn’t find them at any store here. A sad comment on the retail availability of stuff here in my part
Cutting out lots of small items. Almost finished, with just the main weight and the small counter weight plus the pendulum arm remaining, plus a few more holes to drill. There will also be a threaded rod on the end of the pendulum rod to make it adjus
Cutting a new escapement wheel A couple of teeth on my first escapement wheel chipped on the back side and I had to recut it. I made a replacement using a different cutting technique that preserves the fragile tips of the teeth and I also used a close
Day 5 Work I made the 6mm work pieces for the escapement wheel, the minute wheel and the idler wheels plus the pallet which runs on the Escapement wheel and some other small items see below The escapement wheel (the smallest one) This gear is alternat
*Day 4 work The gear teeth on the clock dial had to be filed down to the pattern lines after cutting yesterday. I tried making a sanding stick that I could run in my scroll saw and it worked for awhile but the blade holders eventually split the wooden
How The Time Is Read On This Clock This clock is a little different from most. It only has one hand which is the hour hand. This hand is stationary and stays at the 12 o’clock position while the clock dial turns. The clock dial is actually a gear with