A Traditional Carved Love Spoon


I carved this love spoon a few years ago.My first one. It wasn’t the masterpiece I hoped for, but not the disaster I feared either. I had seen the pattern somewhere and was just curious to see if I could actually do it.

This is a pretty old and generic design and has likely been carved many thousands of times the last couple of hundred years or more. It was originally meant as a declaration of love to a prospective bride by a suitor to show his affection and his impressive manly skill.

I first scroll sawed the pattern and then did the rest with carving gouges and a knife. The wood is unfinished Birch. A fun project!

Mike, an American living in Norway

Nice work on the love spoon Mike.


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The spoon is great!


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That’s what I call a spoon!

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Very impressive carving , carving is an art accomplished by few


Beautifully carved Mike.Nice design.


Nice work Mike.


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