Kumiko Cabinet


This Krenov-inspired cabinet on stand has been in a state of evolution. It began as a Spalted Maple Cabinet and in its next life is a Kumiko cabinet. I enjoy working with Kumiko and seek opportunities to include it in my furniture projects. Kumiko is a centuries old Japanese tradition of creating panels utilizing either straight or angled elements. The elements are created by hand and then assembled into interesting motifs or patterns. This particular pattern is the “asanoha” motif and is one of the most popular and recognized Kumiko patterns. The Kumiko inserts allow light to exit and enter the cabinet to view precious objects or art inside. I learned to incorporate Kumiko into furniture with this cabinet. The cabinet brings me joy each time I lay eyes on it!


Norman Pirollo


My favorite parts are the little drawers inside! And their pulls are neat, too.


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I had never heard of Kumiko before.

It’s like having a little glimpse into the unknown and I, too, love the drawers that are revealed when opening the doors.

Looks like it is quite intense re: the little details and would take many hours of love and attention.


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Beautiful Norman thank you for sharing.


Impressive work Norm I’m sure Kernov would approve.

That’s a beautiful cabinet. Nice touch with the drawer fronts. The doors are great.

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I love this piece! And thank you for introducing me to Kumiko! You have inspired me!

Amor Vincit Omnia

Beautiful Cabinet, I really like the Kumiko motif its a real eye catcher.

Dennis Zongker