bathroom bench


This is a new bench i made for our shower room, the top is a small slab of white oak that came from an oak tree in front of our church that was hit by lightning, i had the tree taken to the sawyer and that was probably 10 years ago, i still have plenty of this wood left , these other pictures are of the additions i’ve made to the shower room using walnut limbs for towel racks and for shelves for personal items while using this room, the bench slab is attached to a southern heart pine base, the legs were cut on an angle and are attached with mortise and tenon joinery pinned with walnut dowel i made myself, the bottom of the legs have walnut tips and the project is finished with gloss lacquer, thank you for your views and comments…have a great day my friends..grizzman

"the grizz" [''''']

Nice one Bob. Is that Mrs Grizz in the canoe with you?
Life is indeed good.

The early bird gets the worm but its the second mouse that gets the cheese.

Nice work, Bob. Beautiful piece of wood.


Super bench Bob. I love the rustic look with the live edge.

Mike, an American living in Norway

I like the natural shape of this bench, nice work Bob

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