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Let it snow! Let it snow!
Made out of quarter sawn ash and English brown oak. Three coats of helmsman spar urethane, with a coat of wax. The size is 16 1/4" wide, 66" long.
It will be in an old time Christmas display at the local art museum.
Thanks for looking!

I'd rather be covered in sawdust

Too pretty to use in the snow! Thanks for posting.

i want to say exactly the same thing. Too pretty to use it!

-- Michal,

No! No! No! It’s made for the snow! Great job and too bad it won’t see any snow.

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You bring back some good memories. If I were 50 years younger, I’d take it out to the toboggan chute in a minute! Really nice work.


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That’s gorgeous Les. My tailbone hurts just looking at it. :-)

I grew up on the Canadian prairies and have seen enough snow. Nostalgia is wonderful and thanks for the jog in my memory but I think I’d rather be on the golf course in Az at Christmas time these days.
I think I agree with the too beautiful to use crew, that is just sweet.

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that is GORGEOUS and begs to be ridden.
(and I love the last photo — like a hidden gem)

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Looks fantastic. A great build. It reminds me a lot of my last toboggan ride in 1954 straight down a pretty steep hill and right onto a main highway with the only smart one of us 3 boys hopping off the back and leaving me and the other guy to our (well deserved?) fate. Luckily there were no vehicles on the road when we hit it and we were dumb lucky with no bad injuries. It’s good to be alive!

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Beautiful Toboggan Les.

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