Penn Spice Box

Penn Spice Box

This was the hardest glue up I ever had to do (hide glue). Now on to making the hand cut Ogee profile feet and top moldings I also have to make 13 draws all with hand cut half blind dovetails Thanks Paul, testing sample boards first gave me the confidence to do the glue up I had been putting it off for a while.


I’ve been trying to figure out the order from the one photo but simply can’t. I will have a glass of wine instead and toast your excellent skill and craftsmanship!

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Thanks, The order I did the glue up was first the sides, bottom and top which are dovetails then the false top and bottom then clamp & square. Next was the dividers after the glue was dry clamping where needed.


You’re off to an incredible start!


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Its coming along well, better than I had thought or hoped for.

Impressive start Bob. I love that Tiger Maple you are using. I’ve just been doing a bunch of glue-ups with HHG as well and you do have to be organized. Something that complex is almost the limit for HHG but it would be a walk in the park with OBG.
Well done.

BTW, Is that a beautiful marquetry tryptic I see on the bench behind the spice box? hmmmmm?

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Thanks Paul, I did it in two stages once the basic box is in clamps the rest goes easy. The wall is my “dead soldier wall” LOL. One is what was made in school the other was a lid of a box that I screwed up the edges on and had to cut it down, I can still use it on another box but it sits there as a reminder of errors gone by.

cant wait to see the final product. great start!


I still have not located any 8/4 tiger maple to my liking.

I can’t believe I started this project 5 months ago but in all fairness to myself I did remodel two bathrooms and a kitchen {Photo here}

I was able to get out to the shop and get the Ogee feet cut and ready to glue up along with the molding.
Who knows I may even finish it this year. LOL

Beautiful spice chest Bob love the wood.

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