The Shroud


This started out to just be a chip carved cross and it was eye catching but it didn’t make a statement so I carved a wooden linen with the Apostles Creed carved in it and hung it on the cross arms with bloodwood pegs. The cross is made of basswood with a walnut frame around and it is 5’-4”H. X 3’-2”W. X 2”D. The cross was carved in 5 pieces and then applied to a large lap jointed backer cross made of pine then the walnut frame was added to hide the joints. The final finish was stain and Deft spray lacquer. The linen is made of butternut and is 2’-9”H. X 2’-6”W. X 3”D. The linen was built up from 4/4 butternut but only across the top and down the sides to make the folds. I choose to wood bleach the linen and then chip carve thru the bleached surface to give the color contrast. I finished it off with deft spray lacquer. The piece now makes a statement.

Roger Strautman



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That really is amazing. Thank you for sharing.


Your carving skills are exemplary!

While we know there was no beauty in the cross itself, we can celebrate the perfection and completeness of the sacrifice.


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Wonderful project! Thanks for sharing.

what a lovely project. Your idea was truly inspired and your carving is amazing. It certainly does make a statement.

Stunning. I love to see wood carved to not look like wood. Did you carve the lettering?


Awesome. What a great job!

Might As Well Dance :

Yes, the lettering is carved with a knife. It takes about a minute a letter to carve. Thanks for asking.

Roger Strautman

That is simply amazing. Thank you.


A fantastic carving ,beautiful,meaningful and inspirational .

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