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Me and my daughter build this cupboard/bookcase for my daughter, because she has not enough storage for her toys and books. I used chipboard with laminated veneer, which is pretty popular(because it is cheap) in our country :). It’s not a masterpiece, but it serves its purpose.

As you can see at 3rd photo, she was really great helper :)

-- Michal,


that’s awesome
and oh my — she is so big!!!! How time flies.

You did better than us … I needed a cupboard for my yarn.. we just bought a “put it together” kit at the store and struggled with it most of the afternoon.. probably would have been easier to have built it from scratch. But it looks nice and serves the purpose.

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She is very much into it. I think she is focusing on that spot you missed:)

That brings a lot of memory Michal! Thanks for sharing.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks Abbas and Debbie ;)

It’s pretty the same as the “put it together” Debbie. Only thing that’s different is that you can mock up the cupboard how you want it to look like and cut the wood. Then you are just putting it together using some nails, screws etc.. pretty simple.

When I compare it to the Coffee table Abbas is working on, my cupboard is hardly to be called woodworking creation :)

-- Michal,

I had a request from my son and his wife for something to organize their boy’s books and their special toys. Yours looks perfect for their needs and if you don’t mind I will steal your design. Great job and thank you for posting.


what a teamwork :) nice nice!

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You must not have very strict child labor laws in your country. ;-)

She must be simply delighted to have such a nice place to store her things, and proud that she could help daddy!


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Yup, she was so enthusiastic to help me that she didn’t want to go to sleep.

She was always repeating “I have a lot of important work to do” :)

-- Michal,

Nicely done

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Good times when you build things with your kids.

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