Bandsaw Log Jig

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This is about the only original jig I have made and perhaps the simplest too. Just a flat board with some wooden wedges hot glued to the board and to the log.

  1. Hot glue wedges onto the flat board and then between the wedges and the log leaving the log edge protruding slightly over the board edge.
  2. Run through the bandsaw with the board laying flat on the bandsaw table first.
  3. Turn the board 90 deg. to run it through a 2nd time to make an adjacent flat side running it through with the board against the saw fence.
  4. Remove the log from the board by knocking off the reusable wedges with a hammer.
  5. Continue slicing up the log running one flat side against the saw fence with the adjacent flat side on the table.

-- Mike, an American living in Norway


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