Brain center of the entire woodworking operation

Brain center of the entire woodworking operation
Brain center of the entire woodworking operation

I finished the drafting desk and chair about 3 weeks ago. Oak desk, chair is cherry with deep scoop poplar seat. For the work surface of the desk I used 3/4 inch plywood with piano henge and the screen out of an old rear projection 51 inch TV, which is a really hard surface. So far this combo has produced one drawing of a new project and several really nice afternoon naps. Also if you look really close on one of the shelves, yes, that is a pack of Oreos within arms reach. (My only vice). Thanks for looking.



Oh, I love that! What a beautiful set up. Put a bathroom in that shop and I could live there forever, Oreos or no. Very nice work.

Might As Well Dance :

Nice Set up- Beautiful wood and work. -You my be addicted to wood??

Great build Jack, and set up looks like what I need to put together better drawings. I like it.

My Woodshop is my happy place?

Thank you all for the kind words. And Mike, the wife seems to think I have a problem with wood also. Ha ha



That looks like a great napping station to us!


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Way cool!

Keith "Shin" Schindler

Jack, I like your drafting table. You do great work.
I can see your passon for woodworking !


Thank you Jay for the kind words.


Great job Jack Beautiful work.

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Thank you Jim, that chair is really comfortable.