Desk - Woodworking Project by Sheri Noble, woodworking at it’s finest!


I quickly built this desk for my oldest daughter. Solid cedar except for the bottom shelves, the...

Desk - Woodworking Project by twigg


Made a desk and a chair for my son

Desk for my daughter - Woodworking Project by Dusty1

Desk for my daughter

My girl needed a desk so I built her one

Desk in progress  - Woodworking Project by GreenwoodRuss

Desk in progress

I am in the process of using a jig and a router to level and playing the desk. Probably wasn’t...

Desk repoduction - Woodworking Project by Les Hastings

Desk repoduction

Heres a repoduction of a existing mahogany desk. The new desk was made a little longer and...

Desktop Standing Desk (the unfinished)  - Woodworking Project by wrtsprt

Desktop Standing Desk (the unfinished)

This design is an existing product that is sold for 200 Euros. I worked with it for one day and...

Desktop Accessories Center - Woodworking Project by retired_guru_tech

Desktop Accessories Center

This desktop center is made from white oak, finished in shellac, and steel wool buffed with paste...

Desk top clock - Woodworking Project by Sean

Desk top clock

Found a black walnut on the Atchafalaya river in Morgan City, LA. A rare find indeed. This was...

Desk lamp from birch branch. - Woodworking Project by alexthewoodworker

Desk lamp from birch branch.

A desk lamp made from an interesting branch. Proved to be very hard to drill a hole for a cord!

desk unit - Woodworking Project by masterdave

desk unit

I made the desk unit for my little brother.

Desk for an RN graduate - Woodworking Project by Craftsman on the Lake

Desk for an RN graduate

Awhile back my niece graduated from nursing school as an RN. As a gift I produced this desk for...

Turned Desk lamp - Woodworking Project by plunder

Turned Desk lamp

This is a desk lamp that I turned from a glue-up of mahogany, hickory, and walnut. The base is...

Small desk with bench seat - Woodworking Project by Jack King

Small desk with bench seat

Small writing desk with 2 shelves and compartment with piano hinged lift top. Bench has 1 inch...

Computer desk - Woodworking Project by Les Hastings

Computer desk

Here’s a desk made out of white oak. Its has a keyboard tray pullout and a leather insert top....

Office Desk - Woodworking Project by MJCD

Office Desk

My wife asked for a traditional desk… one without the contemporary-looking arcs and curves, one...

Sandblasted desk  - Woodworking Project by Indistressed

Sandblasted desk

This is a desk I just finish. The top is made with Red oak. I had it sandblasted to give it its...

Custom desk - Woodworking Project by Rickswoodworks

Custom desk

This desk is a kinda remake if one my customer bought in a department store you know what I’m...

Contemporary Desk - Woodworking Project by MJCD

Contemporary Desk

I’ve been away for a while… building Rocking Chairs, primarily, but other pieces as requested....

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