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This desk has been one of the funnest projects i have made, i made it primarily for my grandson and something he will inherit when grandpa passes away, but this desk was made primarily with walnut, and the door panels are wild cherry , which to me looks like a grizzly face and this one looks like a bears rear end

i used a nice piece of cherry on the very front and did some bear inlays, the large mama bear is pecan and the three cubs are an exotic from south america, the panel of wood in the middle is birdseye redwood that i got from oregon burls, the knobs for the three drawers are elk antler, on the underside of the desk i have three puck lights that are pointed at the walnut crotch panels that are the legs, the middle panel is spalted pecan

the pine trees are a real true green wood, poplar, it came from a very old tree that was solid green in the heart, no stain or die anywhere on this piece, the top piece is made from spalted oak for the casework, a pure joy to make this desk , i saved up wood for a long time to make this original piece, thanks for taking a look. grizzman

-- "the grizz" [''''']


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