Cherry Desk and Credenza

Cherry Desk and Credenza
Cherry Desk and Credenza
Cherry Desk and Credenza
Cherry Desk and Credenza
Cherry Desk and Credenza

Made of Cherry Ply and Hardwood. Typical 1/2" baltic birch drawers, Accuride full extension drawer guides. Light Cherry stain, custom mix from tints, Pre-Cat Lacquer finish.
I made the round sitting table also. Cherry Hardwood Edge with Veneer top, veneer over bender board base.
I don’t use a conditioner before staining, I spray and wipe, then spray what I call a fog coat over the stain to tone it and even it out to what I want, let it dry and lacquer.
Thanks for looking,
Happy to answer any questions


That looks amazing. It’s gigantic too. How much do you think it weighs? LOL. Seriously, excellent work. You made some desk jockey very very happy.

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Thanks Brian, I made this for Alex Spanos, (San Diego Chargers Owner)
It went into his office. I did the paneled walls in the pics also. I thought this was going to get me work in his home but never did.

Man you got some great projects.
That round table is very stylish.

Do you, by any chance, have any bathroom vanity with curved door?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Just so happens I do…:) Slight curve on this one.

Little more curve on this one.


That’s so elegant!

Just in case, do you have curve , 80" long with a seat for makeup and double sink?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


Thanks for showing more of your fabulous work. We old folks always like a reason for our drooling!!


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Bently, you do some awesome work!

Holy cow that vanity is incredible. Did you do the carving?

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Ah ha! We have found his hidden talent! And we like it!


lanwater, “Just in case, do you have curve , 80” long with a seat for makeup and double sink?"
Sorry lanwater, I have 1- 79" and 1- 81", but nothing 80" LOL

Thanks David!
Thanks Mike!
Thanks Brian, Heck no, I can’t carve. I use plant on appliques, then cut out the shape around them. I’m a’s all a facade lol (I’m from Vegas)

Excellent work as we have come to expect from you Bently. Is the finish straight off the gun?

Doing the best I can with what I've got

Thanks Renners, yes, straight out of the gun, no rubbing out, (that sounds like work.)
I use pressure pots and Binks 2001 spray guns. (I’ve been doing it this way for many years, it’s about all I know).

Very nice work and super finishes too.

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