Home Office Desk

Home Office Desk
Home Office Desk
Home Office Desk

This is made from Alder and stained dark with a Pre-Cat Lacquer finish.
Doors have Blum soft close hinges.
The tall doors have a 1/2" thick solid wood center panel and the drawer fronts all have a 1/4" ply panels.
Drawers have Blumotion soft close guides.
File drawers have 150lb KV Full Extension guides with the 1" overtravel.
Drawers are pre-finished Baltic Birch with just a double rabbet joint.

Thanks for looking,
Comments or Critique are welcome.

Edit: added a couple of updated phone pics of the unit being used.


Beautiful job !….Looks to be a real nice home office….

Measure "at least" twice and cut once

Fantastic job Bently. I really like the solid look to the desk top and the double ended drawers in the pedestal. Everything looks great. How did you join the the desk to the sides?

Doing the best I can with what I've got

Thanks kd and Renners,

I used the funky draw bolts to attach the tops together. I have a bag with about a hundred of them, so I’m just going to use them up when I can.
(see below)

You do nice work Bently. :-)

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Excellent work. I like those handles, and the handle location on the tall doors
seems just right . Superb finish too ,Bentlyj .

It looks great!

how did you decide on the number of hinges on the tall door?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


This looks like another fine project. That’s a lot of good-looking desktop to clutter! (Unfortunately, that’s what ends up with mine.) With all those drawers and storage, yours should remain reasonably uncluttered to enjoy the beauty of the wood. Of course, with the Reduction in Paperwork Act, clutter should be a non-point!

Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks moment,
Thanks lanwater, I’ve been doing this so long I pretty much just look at the door and decide.
This is a fairly light door, 3 probably would have been enough, so 1 more is just enough for a little overkill. But if you ever need to know there is a chart from blum showing their recommendations.

Thanks L/W, I would be embarrassed to show you My desk at the moment, lol
mechanics car doesn’t run, plumbers sinks are back up, …..cabinet makers desk is a door. lol

Wonderful looking. I am just glad that I do not need an office that size any more.

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Very sleek. That makes an attractive office.

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Thanks Bently!

I copied the chart that will come handy.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Very nice! I like the idea that you could switch sides and work from either side without moving much of anything.


Very nice. Have you added the clutter fertilizer yet or are you keeping it well trimmed?

Involve your kids and grandkids. They'll love you for it!

Thanks, Gary
I went to the home yesterday and drilled them some grommet holes for them and the clutter was growing just fine. I think they have their own fertilizer.

Very clean build,nice work.

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