Do you like digital woodworking magazines?

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A lot of magazines now offer digital editions which can be read on your tablet, smart phone or computer. I used to prefer the paper editions, but lately I have really gotten into the digital ones. It’s nice to have a whole library of woodworking magazines in my phone that I can page through when I’m waiting somewhere. I’ve even bought the back issue libraries of several magazines.

What about you? Do you like digital editions? Would you subscribe to a magazine that was ONLY digital?

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I do not, when I read an article and look at plans I like it much better printed on paper and in my hands. This isn’t me resisting technology, I just find reading on a computer monitor uncomfortable. Several subscriptions I have offer free access to digital editions, I haven’t used any of them. I have accessed a few articles on projects that I didn’t have in print….but then I printed them off and used them.

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I do not favor digital and as of late have quit the print also. Found that most of the magazines that I received did not have enough useful info. There is a plethora of patterns on the web or else suppliers where they can be ordered.

Nothing like lying on a bed holding a paper magazine above my head; thumbing pages back and forth; underlining certain comments; making my own diagrams with pencil and paper; discovering the joys of creativity.
I avoid micro-chippy things.

I see the argument for both. I’m an IT guy but with an aviation background so I can see both sides. I like the idea of a print magazine in my hands like Fred Hargis mentioned above. You can put them on a shelf in your shop for easy reference. However, you can also do that with a laptop if you don’t mind cleaning the dust off at the end of the day. You get access to a TON more ideas and whatever you can think of with pictures of stuff with google and you can figure out your own personal scale. Print magazines are awesome because you never know what you’re getting in the mail so it’s kinda like a minor Christmas morning when you get one. With print, you know you’re getting good advice rather than some hack with a nice website. Plus my wife kind of frowns on my taking my laptop to the can……she seems to think I look at other kinds of stuff in there….sheesh!

i have tried both and like the print magazine better. this may be due to the device that i used to view them on. it is a nook color just for reference. it is a 7" tablet. the problem i find is that either the print is too small or i zoom in and occasionally flip a page prematurely. i tried to use the article view mode and run in too the problem of being the type that depend on picture or the magazine will reference a picture, and i can’t see it. the thing i liked most about the digital is the amount of room they take up on my shelf, none.


“Would you subscribe to a magazine that was ONLY digital?”

I like being able to page back and forth and actually see what I’m looking at. It’s much easier to get the printed version at the right distance and still see other things on the page. By the time I get the computer page enlarged enough to see, I’m missing 90% of the page and I don’t like shifting back and forth to read it.

For all the young folks out there, the digital versions probably don’t create the same problems as those of us whose eyesight is past its prime.

I’m like Fred: if I don’t have the information in print and have to access it online, I print it if I’m really wanting to use it.

Another major problem at this point is that we have dial-up. I would probably not even be able to access the magazine contents before timing out.


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dial up? I thought that was dead. I feel your pain.

I dislike digital editions. The interface is always “not a magasine” and I rather like flipping the pages back and forth and thumbing about. A mag is a Sunday treat with coffee. I might also add that I’ve spent a good thirty years in various server management roles and still like a book and a magasine over digital edition, or possibly because of that.

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I like the PAPER in hand. Just remember when the “Kindle” digital reader/tablet came out and Amazon “reached out” and deleted a couple of the very first digital book sales from customers’ tablets AFTER they had paid for the downloads and were in their own homes!

And then later, there was a big brew-ha over Amazon censoring Mark Twain’s TOM SAWYER and the “N” word, all done REMOTELY again!

Bottom line is the ability for companies/governments/religious-institutions to post-censor (after the fact) anything they want and at any time, should be a warning for us all. We do not need THAT kind of “thought police.”

Hard copy forever, IMO.


That Tom Sawyer thing was really beyond the pale.

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