interesting video: quarter sawing for noobs


Noobs like me. Interesting. Is there a reason they turn the log around end to end between each cut? That was not well explained.

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Thanks for the movie. I think the end-for-end thing has to do with putting the new edge up against the fence.

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Noobs or notBrian this was a great and helpful video. It isn’t too often most folks get to cut a log, so I’m pretty sure not everyone knows how to quarter cut even though they know what quarter cut wood is.

Mike, an American living in Norway

In the video he mentions that they cut alternate faces. To do that, you would have to flip the board end for end to have a flat surface on the saw table.

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Ah… Makes sense now.

Losing fingers since 1969

Thanks Brian!

I have seen pictures but a video is so much better.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Nice, clear video. Helps when I will be sawing some logs soon. Thank you.

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