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So a while back I bought a card scraper. Two weeks ago I bought a burnisher Rockwell 65. Now I have been watching many YouTube videos on sharpening the card. I tried one suggestion and it failed. So back to YouTube I went try the next. Humm same results. Well I finally landed on Marc Spagnola’s YouTube chanel who I already subscribe to and watched his demonstration. First I file it back square, then I polish the end then with the scraper flat I start a bur. Then stand it up and roll the burr. Now this is pretty much what I have watched on YouTube except for marc laying his flat first to start the burr. Now im saying that I failed on marcs YouTube advice because all I get is a very tiny burr that dont produce any shavings. All I get is scratches in the wood.
SO, I am calling upon you my fellow woodworkers to help me in fine tuning my inexperience in card sharpening. What am I missing in all of this?

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I am on the same side as you Jeff.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

You may be trying too hard. All I do is run the edge over a clamped file a couple of times freehand and then roll a little bur on the edges by clamping the scraper and running two or three times over each edge at a slight angle. I get lots of fine shavings. The more pressure you use with the burnisher, the more aggressive the burr.

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That’s a great video.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Okay I watched the video and im going to try this. Thank you

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Also try to bow the scraper slightly when you scrape the more you bow the deeper the shaving


Just a quick thought, preparation was the key for me. Also (like shipwright said) I was trying way too hard to turn the burr. Its small, just enough to catch a finger nail.

Let us know when you have success.

I will ill try this on Thursday for i needed to take a day off to get personal stuff done. And thank you all for your help. Ill try and take a picture of my success.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Just an update… i finally did get that burr. I was trying to hard. I finally figured out not to press so hard with the burnisher it needs to have just the right amount of pressure and the angle. One thing i figured out is don’t pull towards you after pushing away. That was the mistake i did. But thanks to you guys and the video Tim.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I want to get one of these. I saw a set of 6 on amazon for $12 (shop fox). I have a question about the burnisher. The ones I saw on amazon are fairly expensive. Is there any reason I could not just use a piece of steel rod from the hardware store? Or even a piece of brass rod I already have in my garage?

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