Nice find today at a yard sale

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Wife and I walked around the neighborhood today and found a yard sale. The guy was a woodworker, retired and moving closer to family soon. He sold most everything a long time ago but had a large coffee can full of hinges for $5 so I grabbed it. Lots of small hinges. Sort of a grab bag of stuff. Lots of Soss hinges, which is the reason I took them. They all look like they’ve been sitting in his garage for 50 years. Even the coffee can was at least 30 years old They will need a lot of cleaning, but for the price, I can live with that. Not a bad find, I think.

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Great find Brian !! Good investment,
I like to find deals like that.


now you can work brian


Yeah it is a good investment. But you can see they’re not in great shape. I probably would have passed if it weren’t for the Soss hinges. I love those things and they’re expensive. They’re worth cleaning up.

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Which one is the Soss & what do you like about them


Nice find Dude.

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That’s my kind of deal! I think I paid more than $5 for just one Soss hinge about 30 years ago! There are quite a few other hinges there that look like they’re in pretty good shape and won’t need much (if any) work.


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DANG BEAUTIFUL FIND! I’ll be right over to pick a set of them up! Lol

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

lucky day for you , I find tools and stuff at yard sales all the time. Good place for a good deal


Jay, here is a picture from the web. They’re completely hidden hinges. You can see a bunch in my picture, of course not as shiny as the one from the web. :-)

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Brian, thanks for the picture & info.
I have seen these used in fine furniture over the years, I have never built anything that required them.