Does anyone use pallets?

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My wife has been bugging me to do some pallet projects that she saw on ipnterest or somewhere. Today I picked up 10 free pallets of a craigslist ad. I think I bit off a little more than I can chew with these things. They’re difficult to disassemble and fill of nails. 3 of them are oak. I cut off all the slats with a reciprocating saw and set them aside from the others, some of which will be used in part or whole for my wife’s planter projects and stuff.

I was thinking about using the oak stuff to make some table lamps or something and sell them on etsy. They get the “reclaimed” label which is really popular there.

The quality and yield of these oak pallets is pretty low. So far it’s been a heck of a lot of work just to get some order out of it. Does anyone else use pallets? They’re all over for free, which is very enticing but they’re a lot of work to get not much lumber out of them and the quality is still suspect – at least until I start working with it.

Who is using pallets?

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I have dismantled 2 palettes so far. I got them for free from work. We get a lot of them and those 2 looked better than most. I still have another 3 I left at work for later.
It is painful to dismantle the pallets. The first one I removed every nail and got longer boards.
The second one I pulled my jigsaw and cut between the support and got shorter runs.
I use them for hidden elements in project and also for trying piece for router setup and such.

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I was kind of hoping someone would jump in and say, “look at all these beautiful things I made with pallets!” Hehe… I guess I’ll muddle through the mess I started and see what I can get out of it. :-)

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I have found the preparation work to be more than I bargained for: also, there is an ongoing concern about getting all of the nails out. I’ve ruined both jointer knives and miter saw blades, thinking that I have all of the nails, only to find one that the wood has obscured.
The wood selection is another issue – it used to be that virtually all pallets were oak; recently, I’m seeing more poplar and pine.

Thanks. I guess that’s more or less the last word on the issue and pretty much what I was thinking too, now that I already dived in head first. I guess the garbage man is not going to be too happy with me on Tuesday morning.

The other thing is that these pallets are covered in black dust from warehouses. Nasty stuff. I’ll work with what I have but I don’t think I’ll be doing this again.

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I use a fair amount of pallets as I have the time, and also I am into the recycling aspect of it all.
I just posted a box made from pallet-wood.

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I just looked at it. Very nice.

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4 pallets and about 6 hours of work (mostly nail pulling) yielded this musk lumber.

I doubt I will be doing this again but I’m going to do my best to make a few nice things with the lumber I have.

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They tend to make to top slate thinner these days…

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I made a grand champion award winning mirror-shelf-coatrack combination. I have to do some repairs to it, but it remains one of my favorite. It’s from reclaimed pallet wood.

It takes a bit if effort to reclaim wood, but there are some bargains out there that can be turned into high end product. I use some oak from wine vats, which has a lot of character.

Spiral nails are evil. Crow bars just pop their heads. My nail puller, because of its leverage and rocking motion, does well for their removal.